How to Make Required Training Materials More Effective

Developing a corporate training program isn't cut and dry, and finding a good formula for your company can be challenging. In fact, noticing that employees aren't retaining the information you taught is a sign that what you're doing now isn't effective. Fortunately, targeting the problem of ineffective training is easier than you might think. Here are some features your training program should have that may help your employees retain the information they need for their jobs:

Increase Engagement

If your employees don't seem to be taking away the knowledge they should from corporate training, it could be because they are not engaged in the presentation. The way in which information is shared can impact whether a viewer is actively engaged in the content. With that in mind, you should assess your current training program to determine whether engagement is the issue.

Start by asking yourself whether you'd be engaged if you had to go through the training. How is the program structured? If you have one person giving a lecture to a few employees, you might not hold their attention. Instead, look for solutions that use engagement as a cornerstone, such as video eLearning courseware.

"The average human attention span is now at eight seconds."

Videos created by ej4 for corporate training are designed to capture the attention of their audience. The content is short and impactful, targeting exactly what employees need to learn in a way that's colloquial, easy to understand and intelligent.

Reduce Time Requirement 

If your current training program is long, eating up big portions of your employees' days, they may not focus as well as they should. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the average human attention span is now at eight seconds. Attention span is defined as the amount of time someone can work on a task without succumbing to distractions (in the workplace, that may include social media, co-workers and emails).

Now, shortening training sessions to eight seconds long isn't possible, but decreasing the amount of time invested in training can reduce the amount of times employees are tempted by distractions. The less distracted they are, the more likely they are to focus and retain the vital information your training program provides.

It's for this reason that ej4 has developed its eLearning courseware with the values of short and impactful content. Off-the-shelf videos are shorter than your average in-person training session, and the topics are divided into several videos. That way, employees can easily fit one or two videos into their day without a significant time commitment.

Hearing information once may not be enough for employees to really absorb it. Because you want to improve learning outcomes in your training program, reiterating information may be a big priority for you. But who has time to go through training multiple times? A better option may be to give control of training to your employees, by which we mean letting them set the pace of their own learning.

Give Employees Control

According to a study published in the journal Learning and Instruction, interactive video eLearning is more effective at helping individuals retain information than non-interactive training options. The study noted that interactive videos are those that employees can pause, rewind or fast forward. With such options, employees can easily go back to a point they didn't understand initially in order to fully grasp it.

Users can watch ej4's courses over and over, and rewind and pause as needed. Such features allow your employees to take control of their learning and re-examine the content until they understand and can apply it.

By developing a corporate training program that targets engagement, time and control, you can help your staff members retain information they'll need for their jobs. To find out more of the benefits of ej4's eLearning courseware, contact our sales staff.

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