How to Implement eLearning Solutions for Your Business

People generally view technology and the Internet with high hopes of how they can help society. Part of this positivity comes from solutions technology has already provided. In fact, according to a report by Pew Research, 72 percent of those polled agreed that by 2020, online cooperation and solutions will result in governments, businesses, etc., that are significantly more effective.

"Online cooperation will only increase. The means are already there, and will only become more numerous and functional," Doc Searls, co-author of "The Cluetrain Manifesto," told Pew. "Institutions that adapt to the Net's cooperation-encouraging technologies and functions will succeed. Those that don't will have a hard time."

Businesses can implement technologies now that will help them in the long run, such as video training tools. Engaging video content is designed to make the onboarding process smoother and more cost effective for companies. Here's some quick insight into how to get started:

Identify needs

A company must discover the areas of onboarding in which it can improve. Do employees report being bored during training sessions? Do they feel training is currently inadequate? By knowing what an onboarding program is lacking, companies can gather the video resources they need to respond to such gaps.

Create a budget

Once a business knows what it can spend on eLearning courseware, it can tailor its program. For instance, it might prioritize HR compliance training, then add off-the-shelf content still within the budget. Companies with more financial room may even choose customizable video content to add dimension to their training program.

Make a plan

Having quality engaging content for the onboarding process doesn't automatically improve learning; companies must execute a well-conceived plan. For instance, they may have new staff watch short (less than 10 minutes) HR compliance videos in the morning, and then take a break. In the afternoon, staff could learn the ins and outs of their job, then actually apply the new knowledge by working. Breaking up the day with quick videos makes the onboarding process more exciting for new hires.

If adding eLearning coursework to your companies onboarding practices sounds like a good idea, you can get more information from ej4. Contact our knowledgeable sales staff who are ready to help you decide which service is right for your business needs.

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