How to Effectively Quantify Corporate Training Results

How do you know if your corporate training program is working? You can certainly tell when it's not effective: Employees make mistakes they shouldn't, they have to ask how to do tasks that were covered in training, the company doesn't feel unified - the list goes on. Once you implement eLearning courseware and a new program, however, you want to make sure the new structure works. Fortunately, you can quantify the effectiveness of your eLearning approach by trying these strategies:

But First, Know Why it Matters

Before you start charting results, you should understand why you want eLearning program data. That way, you'll stay focused and not do more work than you must. Having metrics for corporate training allows you to gauge your return on investment. If the new program is effective, your employees will improve productivity, wasting less company money. Ideally, you'll have a highly trained staff for an affordable price, but as long as the investment was worth the outcome, you're in a good spot.

eLearning coursewareLearning whether your training program was worth the cost requires some analysis.

Calculate Costs

To really grasp your program's ROI, you must first compile numbers. How much does your eLearning courseware cost? How much money did you spend on man hours for implementing the program? Going with off-the-shelf content is a very affordable option - eLearning as a whole is less expensive than some traditional training methods, as you don't have to pay someone to talk to your employees.

Also, learn how much time training is taking away from your employees' daily schedules. The more time they spend watching corporate training videos, the less time they spend earning the company money. ej4's content helps cut back profitable time loss by providing short, impactful videos.

Create a Questionnaire

Once you know cost, you need to gauge effectiveness. Have managers fill out a questionnaire answering whether employees' performance has seemed to improve. Additionally, you can ask your entire staff about satisfaction. Did they stay engaged throughout the video? Would they watch more content? Would they recommend the videos to a co-worker? Compare the results of your questionnaire to your calculated costs to see whether your investment paid off.

With eLearning courseware from ej4, you'll have control over employee training for an affordable price. Additionally, ej4 videos are all engaging, ensuring employees pay attention.

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