How New Sales Managers Can Get The Ball Rolling

The first few weeks of a new sales manager’s role are crucial. You have a bunch of new administrative duties, have to look after an entire sales team, and not to mention, some of you might still be tasked with running your old territory for the time being. And all the while, it can be hard to know where to start, or how to guide your team forward.


We’ve already talked about how to help new sales managers in the latest What’s Your Problem? episode, but let's dig a bit deeper.

Here are 5 tips new sales managers can use to get the ball rolling.

Don’t Reflect on Your Time as a Rep Too Much

The day you took that promotion is the day you no longer became the top sales producer. And while that might be true, your new role is to delegate, to lead a better team environment and to create better sales processes for everyone. It’s your turn to create top sales producers.

Become a Mentor From Day One

Prepare your team with the right tools and the right coaching from the beginning. Schedule more 1-on-1’s with each sales rep to not only go over their current sales tasks, but to also drop words of wisdom, provide training materials to enhance their skill sets, and so forth.

Don’t Let Small Tasks Go Unchecked

The key to consistency is doing the little things that make the big things move more smoothly. In other words, if some on the sales team are falling behind on the simple details, you need to correct it right then and there. Make sure they provide adequate information on the CRM, that they mark down the status of every sales cycle is, etc. The more you let one incomplete form roll by, the easier it is for a dozen more to do the same.

Work to Streamline Processes Even More

While it might not be the sole reason you were promoted to sales manager, you must always work to tighten the current sales process. Cut the fat from steps that have no business being in there. Find out which areas can’t connect qualified leads into opportunities fast enough. And make sure your team’s providing feedback about steps they aren’t fond of, either.

Invest in Yourself First With Training

To be the ultimate team leader, you must arm yourself with the right communication tools. Invest in courses on management training and leadership fundamentals, brush up on individual sales courses, or go one step further and create your own custom training courses for the sales team to chew on. Point is, a rep is only as good as their manager, and with the right skills and awareness, you can take your team higher than ever before.

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