How to Craft a Great Employee Wellness Program

Companies spend close to $2 billion dollars a year on wellness programs, and you want to make sure that money is invested wisely and employees are actively participating.

Here are some tips to creating a great company wellness plan that your employees would happily get behind.

Diversify Wellness Goals

As I’ve mentioned already, wellness doesn’t just focus on being healthy from a physical standpoint; it should branch out. If you’re creating a year-long wellness program, don’t have every month, or activity, center on exercising. Throw in different milestones such as giving back to the community, starting and maintaining a company fundraiser, and other achievements that aren’t suggesting employees run half-marathons every month.

Offer Incentives That Employees Would Want to Win

If employees are competing for monthly or weekly challenges, and the grand prize is a set of steak knives, you’ll likely turn away a good chunk of participation. There’s even a bell curve on cash prizes: a Lockton Benefit Group poll found incentives with a dollar amount starting at $100 are likely to get 75% employee approval/participation. Any amount south of that was lucky to get between 30-50% participation.

Clearly Communicate the Program

If employees don’t know the program exists, they won’t participate. Using Thinkzoom, the head of your wellness program could create and record content around wellness achievements from the previous month, what this month’s goals are, and talk about how well the company is participating. Add a leaderboard of who’s gaining the most ground. At ej4, we’ve obviously had our wellness program live and breathe within Thinkzoom, and the ways tips/achievements are presented continue to improve month over month. Employees have taken the social aspect of Thinkzoom to comment on videos, share links to other wellness tips, and so forth.

The point is, clear communication lines and a platform for employees to go and view/interact with your wellness program is a brilliant way to get consistently higher utilization rates, which helps create a healthier workforce, which helps your company in more ways than just better health premiums down the road.

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