Developing the Custom eLearning Content Your Company Needs

If your company has recently decided to use custom eLearning services, you might think you have too many options. You have control over the topics your videos will cover and the content that will go into them, so developing the perfect eLearning courseware for your company's training needs may feel like a shot in the dark.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be. Before you start writing a script, identify what your employees need to learn most. Here are some strategies to ascertain your company's needs and create effective training videos that address those topics:

Revisit Your Mission

Your company likely has a mission statement that drives everything you do, from how you speak with clients to the ways in which your employees work. Start evaluating your company to see if individuals and the group as a whole are still moving toward that mission. In what ways over the last year has the company achieved its goals? In what ways has it not? eLearning courseware can become a tool for closing that gap. Create custom content that reintroduces employees to the company's mission statement, and offer examples in the videos of how individuals can help meet those goals.

Register Feedback

Brushing aside feedback from your clients can be easy. Busy employees want to get their work done, not spend time analyzing emails. However, feedback can indicate where your company is falling short. Not all comments will be relevant - some clients are just picky. However, if you see the same feedback repeatedly, you may need to develop a training program that targets those issues. Custom eLearning allows you to design training videos to directly address the obstacles your employees and company face.

"eLearning courseware is incredibly well-suited to teaching cognitive information."

Note the Skills Gap

Training programs seek to arm employees with skills and knowledge they can use to help further company goals and make client interactions better. However, your program can really only provide cognitive skills and knowledge. According to the book "Web Based Training," your employee education program is not as effective at teaching psychomotor skills (abilities that require physical action to perfect). On the other hand, eLearning courseware is incredibly well-suited to teaching cognitive information, such as tips for speaking to clients or how to use your company's management software.

However, the book does note that with enough time, planning and research, custom Web training may be able to instruct the basics of psychomotor skills. For instance, by blending hands-on training with custom eLearning content, you can address skills that require physical components.

Create a Survey

Ask your employees the areas in which they feel they need additional support. Sometimes individuals are quite aware of their shortcomings and know a bit of training could do a lot of good. After all, your employees are in the trenches every day, doing their jobs and interacting with clients. As with customer feedback, discover what issues most of your employees notice and build a training program around those areas.

For more information on developing custom eLearning courseware, contact our sales team.

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