Catering to Different Learning Styles in Your Corporate Training Program

While training employees at your company, you may have noticed that some grasp concepts better than others. It's true that people do process information at different paces, but the issue could also be that your old training program didn't cater to numerous learning styles. This theory posits that, while everyone can learn the same information, the way they do differs. Some people best understand a concept when it's presented using images while others prefer hearing it.

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No matter how your employees learn best (and you likely have a variety of learning styles represented among your staff), you can train each individual effectively. Here's a look at how to incorporate different learning styles into your employee video training program:

"No one learning style is superior to another."

Know the Styles

Depending on which model you look at, there are three to seven learning styles. We'll focus on the three major ones.

Visual: Visual learners process information that's image-based more easily than other sensory interactions. Showing them a graph rather than reading numbers will be most effective for helping them grasp a concept. As such, your eLearning courseware should use plenty of visual stimuli. Fortunately, videos are optimized for visual learners.

Auditory: These kinds of learners understand information fastest when it's read or spoken aloud. They pick up on subtle sound clues, like inflection and pitch. For this reason, auditory learners enjoy listening to speakers rather than reading a textbook. Video training is also good for auditory learners, as many eLearning courseware programs include a person who presents information.

Kinesthetic: Don't stop at showing your employees a video: offer them hands-on training. Kinesthetic learners best understand knowledge after they've applied it.

According to a report by the California Journal of Science Education, no one learning style is superior to another. Anyone can master the training you provide, just in their own way.

Develop a Program

Seeking eLearning courseware that caters to visual and auditory learners and coupling it with hands-on applications will create a training program that suits all your employees' needs.

To learn more about how eLearning can improve your company's training model, contact our sales staff.

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