Be More Assertive at Work

Being nice doesn’t mean you’re passive, it means you’re nice.  Here’s what I mean:

  • Another lane opens up at the grocery store. It’s clearly your turn, but someone jumps in front of you. You shrug it off.
  • Friends ask you to carpool them to a party for the 5th time in a row because your car has “more room.” You oblige.
  • You want to add your two cents to something at work, but don’t want to come off as being too critical, so you say nothing.
  • You’re out to dinner and the steak you ordered is well done, not medium rare. You contemplate the wait time, the inconvenience and other scenarios instead of just ask for the correct steak.

There are so many “passive” scenarios out there. Some of us are comfortable with them because we don’t want to disrupt the balance. But being assertive doesn’t mean you need to be angry or aggressive. You don’t have to raise your voice or threaten to get what you want. And you don’t have to over explain why you want what you want - just get to the point quickly.

Assertive Verbal Skills

Our updated, 3-part series Assertive Verbal Skills shows you how to be more direct and get what you want at work, and away from it. Contact us today to learn more about this series!

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