7 Tips for Choosing an eLearning Provider

Decision making is not always easy (in fact, we have an entire series devoted to helping you learn how to be a successful decision maker). There are plenty of reasons why it isn't easy. For one, we fall into the trap of second-guessing our decision and try to pick out flaws. Is this the right choice? Will this be beneficial? Can it help others? The same can apply to how you choose an eLearning provider.

And when you're deciding on a long investment with choosing an eLearning content provider for your employees, you need to make sure that decision-making process is mapped out perfectly.  So, what's your strategy on vendor selection? Here are some tips to help get you started:

  1. Trial, trial, trial. Demo examples of off-the-shelf content, and/or custom content that has been produced in the past.
  2. Ask for references. Go beyond just asking and actually call the references to see how the eLearning provider has helped other organizations.
  3. Make sure it’s easy. The content must be easy to administer, work in your LMS, and be viewable on any type of device.
  4. Look into the future. Find out how often the content is updated and make sure it will fit your long-term strategic needs.
  5. Be cost conscious. Buying the lowest price point will not always get you the performance improvement you need, and the same can be said for the highest price point. In this economy just make sure you have made the right decision for your organization.
  6. Watch the term of the contract. Some providers are pushing 5-year contracts in the market to get you the “best” price.  A lot can change in 5 years, look at the iPhone.
  7. Have FUN! You do not want to buy from a vendor that you dread talking to on the phone each time you have a question. Make sure you talk to everybody in the organization that is going to be involved with your account. Your first impressions will set the tone for the future.

Okay, so that is just a portion of what you should look for when selecting a vendor. I could keep writing on this subject, but I would rather hear your feedback.   How are you selecting vendors these days?

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