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4 Reasons You Fail at Cold Calling

By Miranda Darrow on Jan 9, 2014 2:33:59 AM

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I’d be shocked if a company did business with another company without having one phone call. You aren’t signing a $50,000 deal via email only. That’s just not practical. Your sales team is - or should be - born to master their cold calling skills with prospects.

Don’t listen to the vocal minority who say cold calling is a lost art. It’s not, and never will be. But what’s lost with cold calling for some is the ability to pull it off correctly.

Here are 4 reasons your cold calls don’t catch the ears of prospects.


You Sound Like a Commercial

As a salesperson, how many times have you heard the phrase “Free estimate with no obligation”? Did you like it then? Did it move you to want to know more? If not, why use that tactic on your cold calls? Even if you let it slip once or twice a week, that’s too many. There are plenty of cheesy phrases that leave an annoying buzz in our ears.

Customers want real talk from real people. Be yourself and be confident with how you talk to each and every person.


You're Scared to Hear “No”

Cold calling isn’t for the faint of heart for the sole reason that you will fail. A lot. We’ve gone over the finer points of cold calling statistics before. But even if you are persistent and optimistic, if you take rejection poorly and/or personally you will have an even more difficult time being successful.

You will continue to just go backwards in your attempts to establish the customer relationship. You must embrace failure, space out your follow-up calls and understand that just because they don’t return the message right away, it’s not always because they’re ignoring you. Chances are they’re just as busy as you are.


You Leave Bad Voicemails

A successful cold call isn’t always because a client answers on the first ring. Success still lies in how you leave voicemails. But instead of following proper procedure you forget to leave all your contact information. You add too much information. You leave REALLY long messages that do nothing but irritate the person having to hear it.

Learn how to be efficient and important and leave voicemails that get returned. 


You Accidentally Dismiss The Gatekeeper

Many times the gatekeeper to your contact is the receptionist or assistant. If you are abrupt with them in any way, or do other things like forget their name on a follow-up call, you could be setting yourself up for failure. For one, it’s not polite to be short, demanding, or forgetful with anybody. Secondly, your first impressions matter to more than just your target. If you plan to do future business with the head of a company, you need to prove your social skills stretch to every corner and telephone in their office.

Final Thoughts

The new year is about change for a lot of us. So if your cold calling skills were average at best in 2013, it’s time to re-commit yourself to making effective calls that not only stand out, but receive more action.


Miranda Darrow

Written by Miranda Darrow

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