The basic principle of corporate training hasn't changed over time. The idea of providing employees with information and opportunities to hone their skills in order to improve productivity and effectiveness is still a core value of modern training initiatives. However, the way in which companies train their staff has definitely evolved over time, thanks to technology and studies about how people learn.

If your company is experiencing issues with employee training, your program may simply be stuck behind the times. Modern innovations have reduced disengagement and problems with time and have provided companies with a holistic approach to training that covers every staff member. With that in mind (and your company's issues at the back of your thoughts), check out the ways technology has revolutionized corporate training:

1. Learning as a Personal Experience

Technology changed that with eLearning and specifically video training. Now employees can use digital tools rather than attend a meeting or training session. However, the technology won't be stretched thin trying to cater to everyone's schedules the way a human trainer would be. With eLearning videos from ej4, employees can simply hop online and watch the courses their company requires of them.

According to a study by Operitel, corporate training used to be a group activity, but technology has allowed it to become a more personalized experience. When you learn new information, you're storing that data in your mind, so it only makes sense to use a learning platform that allows you to move at the pace that will provide the best outcome. Many companies trained employees in a group setting because it's cost- and time-effective, allowing the trainer to provide information to several people at once.

What's more, individuals can set their own paces, watching as many or few videos at one time as they want. They can even rewind to ensure they fully understood a certain concept.

2. Training is More Social

At home, people hop on social media to connect with others, share interesting information and keep up to date with trending topics. Some of that usability has spread to the world of corporate training, thanks to technology. The most amazing part about making corporate education social is that it engages employees and allows individuals to take ownership of their learning. They aren't passive viewers, they're active participants.

To be more specific, ej4's platform Thinkzoom allows employees to comment on videos they've watched, or share those videos with their peers. If they finish a training course and think of another person who would benefit from the information, they have the ability to pass that along.

What's more, while learning might be more personal now than in the past, Thinkzoom allows administrators to create groups. That way, employees have the control they want to personalize their learning while also having the benefit of connecting with a group of peers. Social training brings the individual and group worlds together.

3. Impact and Engagement Are Central

The more engaged employees are in their training, the better they'll learn. With technology these days, people spend less and less time looking at something - there's so much information out there. This result of technological development has impacted video training. Rather than spanning half an hour to an hour, videos are now short and impactful. They contain key learning points that employees can digest quickly.

"The more engaged employees are in their training, the better they'll learn."

Because videos are now shorter, they also lack fluff. Employees can see exactly what they need to get out of the video instead of wondering whether training has any relevance. Videos are also engaging, containing visual aids for better learning outcomes.

Technology has influenced the development of corporate training techniques. ej4 makes the most of those innovations, offering services that keep employees engaged and improving their skills.


Ryan Eudy

Written by Ryan Eudy

Since joining ej4 in 2005, Ryan has operated in every facet of the business. It is this experience that Ryan utilizes to manage ej4’s daily operations. Ryan offers innovative solutions and has a unique understanding of matching client needs with the right performance improvement tools to change targeted behaviors.

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