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2017 in Review: Thinkzoom Learning Management System Updates

By Emily Koehler on Jan 16, 2018 8:27:33 AM

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2017 in Review: Thinkzoom Learning Management System Updates

2017 was a year of growth and innovation for ej4. To get a better look at what drove change in the past year, we sat down with ej4's Chief Technology Officer, Tom Lynch, to take a look back at the learning management system updates made to Thinkzoom in 2017. "The goal of all our updates is to make the content and experience more engaging to learners," says Lynch. The learner and administrator experience is paramount at ej4, with many tech improvements in 2017 catering to requests from clients.


Advanced Reporting

According to Lynch, the improvements to reporting were the most significant updates of the year. With the new advanced reporting system, administrators have more detail and the ability to filter their data. With extended data attributes, users can provide their own additional fields of data (such as employee location, department, job title, etc...) and run reports on specific groups of learners. "People had been providing us with the data for extended attributes for years," explains Lynch. "But now, it can be done directly by administrators through the reporting wizard."

The new reporting features, such as creating custom charts, or seeing reports without having to download to excel, come directly from client "wish-list" items to have within an LMS. But ej4 is no stranger to what is happening in the industry around them... as Lynch says, "The way we launch changes is innovative and intentional. ej4 listens to client and prospect feedback, creates a process, and then we add our own special sauce to make a truly engaging experience."


The Quad: Social Learning Technology

The Quad is ej4's new social learning technology. It encourages learners to connect with other learners for friendly competition, knowledge sharing, and training reinforcement for a more engaging learning experience. The Quad increases productivity by accelerating onboarding, speeds up the problem-solving process with peer collaboration, and improves the learning of passive learners by giving them access to their peers of choice.


Tracks: Competency-Based Learning

Tracks was launched as a competency-based learning experience constructed around 36 of the Lominger Competencies. Offering a competency-based learning curriculum was a service that ej4 provided for clients for many years in the past on a consultative basis. The feature is beneficial to all learners, so ej4 made the decision to roll out competencies to all Thinkzoom campuses in 2017.

Competencies are abilities, behaviors, knowledge and skills that impact the success of employees and organizations. Not only are tracks a useful tool to employees, but they save administrators time by pre-defining and assigning the courses within a specific competency. It also allows learners to continue their own professional development outside of their required learning.


Interface Improvements

Many practical and aesthetic changes were implemented in 2017, including suggested courses, increase size of video screen, interactive transcripts, and re-designed course pages. Learners experience a more visually appealing dashboard that is easier to navigate and more engaging. 

Explore more detail surrounding these learning management system updates in the following press releases and additional reading from ej4.

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Written by Emily Koehler

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