Autotask Corporation Testimonial

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Autotask Corporation needed a training provider with a learning management system that was easy to implement and able to go live as soon as possible. Before ej4, implementation with the previous training provider took nine months and was unsuccessful.



Sharla Sterling, Corporate Trainer at Autotask Corporation


They looked to ej4's Thinkzoom LMS as a replacement and were happy from the start. Implementation took less than a month and the payoff was immediate. From high engagement levels to employee feedback on custom content, the partnership became a success.


Content Engagement

Within three months of implementing Thinkzoom as their learning management system, Autotask Corporation reported a 100% engagement rate for their users. Autotask learners continually provide positive feedback on course content and the user-friendly Thinkzoom interface.


Custom Content 

With help from our award-winning authoring tool, Autotask Corporation expanded their learning program for their users by creating custom videos to resonate even more with their learners.


Learning Culture and Onboarding Program

With Thinkzoom, Autotask Corporation builds upon their learning culture by creating popular training events such as Training Tuesdays (a monthly message of new content and training initiatives) and have rolled out a structured onboarding curriculum for all of their new hires around the globe.


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